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      首頁 / 零部件 / 莫拓太軻控制系統(上海)有限公司
      點贊:15 Motortech
      • 品牌名稱:
      • 所屬企業:
      • 莫拓太軻控制系統(上海)有限公司
      • 主營產品:
      • Gas Engine Technology
      • 官方網站:
      • www.motortech.de
      • 品牌人氣:
      • 6598

      MOTORTECH GmbH is an international developer and manufacturer of ignition systems, air/fuel ratio control systems, gas engine control systems as well as other accessories for the worldwide power generation industry with stationary gas engines.

      With a focus on research and development, the company is demonstrating cutting edge when it comes to adjusting ignition systems with regard to efficiency and profitability. Products developed by MOTORTECH as well as products developed in cooperation with almost every well-known engine manufacturer (MAN®, CATERPILLAR®, WAUKESHA®, MWM/DEUTZ®, PERKINS®, AJAX® etc.) have led to a strong and well established position in the industry. The favorable worldwide strategic position of the company is being continuously extended and improved by more than 200 employees at plants in Celle, Germany and Kolobrzeg, Poland and a subsidiary in the United States and China to meet our customers needs.


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